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The Patronat Sud-Nord publications are a support and a carrier for knowledge and studies disseminations, research, works and terms analysis related to human development and cooperation.

Since Patronat Sud-Nord beginning (1991) in close collaboration with Universitat de Valencia´s Publications Service, it started to publish research works.

The Patronat Sud-Nord’ publications task and the Universitat de València’s cooperation are transmitted by three work lines:

  1. La Nau Solidària collection: primarily  referred  to essays or research works about human development and cooperation with more than 15 published titles
  2. Collaborations: the Patronat Sud-Nord, at other publishing houses proposal, can collaborates in the interesting titles and authors co-editing
  3. E-DHC, Quaderns Electrònics sobre el Desenvolupament Humà i la Cooperació: a specialized review’  new electronic  format  with topical issues studies and analysis,fruit of the labor of researchers, doctorates and authors who have finished their postgraduate studies

The governing body that promotes this publications program is the Patronat Sud-Nord’ cooperation publishing board.

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