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The Development Studies Spanish Net (REEDES) is an academic and interdisciplinaty net specialized in research and teaching in development and international cooperation subjects. 

The REEDES´ seven main goals are:

  • To promote basic and applied research, the interdisciplinary formation, and the quality of these, at the development studies
  • To promote the contact between partners through information and best practices’ diffusion and exchange about researches and training courses
  • To facilitate the cooperation and network between partners promoting joint and interdisciplinary docent and research activities
  • To promote links between researchers and teachers Spanish community and research organizations and international nets
  • To communicate and disseminate investigation and formation results to the public administrations, to the private sector, to the international organizations and to the media
  • To establish a effective dialogue’s group to defend the research and formation value in development and international cooperation for development subjects
  • To cooperate with Spanish public administrations and development international organizations in training courses and research activities (basic and applied)

The REEDES’ constituent assembly was celebrated at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid last 05/30/2011. It took part 200 researchers and teachers of different universities, NGOs and research centers and 30 investigation and docent institutions specialized in development and international cooperation subjects. 

For more information, consult REEDES Webpage.

Manifesto for Development Studies REEDES 2013.

Manifesto for the integration of Development Studies in National I+D+I  REEDES 2015.

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