E-DHC, Quaderns Electr˛nics sobre el Desenvolupament HumÓ i la Cooperaciˇ

Revista EDHC-Revista EDHCE-DHC
is created as a space for the broadcasting of the Universitat de Valencia’s research works, of any discipline, which have a human development and cooperation perspective.

The E-DCH periodical objective is promoting master’s degree works and dissertations about development cooperation, international cooperation and good governance, education for development, human development, sustainability and development, gender and development, migrations and intercultural relationship, human rights, health and human development, culture for the development, technologies and sustainable development,  conflicts resolution, peace and development, etc.

Universitat de València understands development as a process to increase people’s options and chances to achieve a collective welfare while prioritizes development in its human aspect: that is, taking care of its economics and educational parts and those related with the health and cultures’dialogue. 

E-DHC is born with the vocation to contribute for a human development process’ better knowledge in its complexity and to disseminate good practices to help to improve our societies.

The E-DHC periodical academic director is professor Joan Lacomba Vázquez, Universitat de Valencia Social and Service Work Department’ member and Patronat Sud-Nord’ Plenary Session member.

The Patronat Sud-Nord is the Universitat de València authority in development cooperation dependent of the Fundació General. The Patronat work team will be in charge  of this periodical’ editorial management.

We would like to count with your participation to identify best master’s degree of every year of students and researchers in your respective knowledge and specialization areas. You can read editing rules, here.

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