Universitat de ValŔncia┤s 0┤7 Exhibition

The Universitat de València since 1995, spends 0.7 % of its budget to development cooperation initiatives . In these twenty years, the Cooperation projects in which the Universitat participates, grants and awareness activities have multiplied and are increasingly provinientes students from developing countries who finish their studies in these classrooms . All this would not be possible without the contribution of staff, working or studying in the University, decide to collaborate with 0.7 % of their payroll or of the cost of their enrolment.

The university cooperation for development must be based on the training and qualifications of the people and the transfer of knowledge, but also in providing expert and scientific cooperation initiatives arising from our society, especially the Valencian society.

This public Universitat has the statutory commandment " to contribute to the development of peoples and peace "

Here, you can find programmes and resources, from various levels of the Universitat de València, that define our the university cooperation for development. 

The Universitat de València and each of us have the same goals to fulfill and a universal responsibility to share. Your involvement has on human development outcomes. Cooperate! Activate your 0´7!

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