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The Universitat de València created the Patronat Sud-Nord, Solidaritat i Cultura within the Fundación General to coodinate the actions of development cooperation.

It was created in 1991 to promote and coordinate solidarity cooperation projects with developing countries.

Since then, the Patronat Sud -Nord,

  • It administers Universitat de Valencia 0,7 Grants Programme for impoverished countries students
  • It administers Research and Teaching Staff mobility grants from framework agreement between Universitat de València and other developing countries foreign higher education institutions
  • It administers and gives an information and documentation service about Cooperation in Developing, Solidarity, Migratory Process, Intercultural Relations, Conflicts Resolution, Environmental Sustainability, Gender and related subjects through InfoSud documentation and information centre. InfoSud offers an efficient Information Queries Service and catalogues editorial news on these subjects
  • It manages and administers the UNESCO Chair of Development Studies by order of Universitat de València through UNESCO´s agreement in September 1994
  • It promotes cooperation in developing formation at the Universitat de València through specialized courses and cooperation in developing formation report. This formation is addressed to Universitat de València students, Administration and Services Staff and Research and Teaching Staff and anybody interested
  • It organizes external and own awareness activities like conferences, congresses, courses, exhibitions, etc. of cooperation in developing and solidarity subjects
  • It formulates and administers university projects about cooperation in developing by own or joint a net cooperation initiative with public or private grants, if required
  • It incentivizes, coordinates and administers cooperation in developing research through “La Nau Solidàriapublications and Manuel Castillo’s Prize. The Patronat Sud-Nord has a publishing board.
  • It issues reports for governmental organisms, develops activities and institutional relations in university cooperation in developing through the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Developing), the OCUD (Spanish University Cooperation in Developing Observatory) , UNITWIN UNESCO’s Chair Net, REEDES association, the Xarxa Vives Universities Net and other university cooperation forums. It develops regular collaborations with NGOs and Spanish and valencian cooperation organizations
The Patronat Sud-Nord  is regulated by Patronat Plenary Session composed by fifteen university teacher members from various disciplines specialized in cooperation subjects and other members from university presidency team. The Patronat’s Presidency belongs to University President. The Patronat Executive Presidency and UNESCO’s Chair management is delegated by the own University President.

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