UNESCO Spanish Chairs

Càtedres UNESCO Espanya-Cátedras UNESCO España

The Development Studies UNESCO´s Chair of the Universitat de València, since its creation, participates and coordinates with the other spanish universities UNESCO´s Chairs.

The Spanish UNESCO´s Chairs Net is joined by sixty chairs which belong to differnt state Universities from each autonomous communitiy.

The chairs are created through a file to produce a collaboration agreement between the promoter university and the UNESCO. In many cases, these chairs be born with the public or private suport and funding that finance its activities.

The UNESCO´s Chairs structure and working is diverse depending of the abilities and the boost of the creator university.

The Spanish UNESCO´s Chairs Net coordinates with Spanish Committee for Cooperation with UNESCO, unit come under Directorate of Culturals and Scientific Relations of Spanish Agency for Internacional Development Cooperation of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry.

The UNESCO´d Chairs promise to act in a social or academic field. So, ther´re UNESCO´s Chairs of health, culture and communication, cooperation and development, human rights and peace fields. 

 The Universitat de València UNESCO´s Chair is dedicated to development, environmental and cooperation studies.

Biannually, all the Chairs reunite to exchange experiences, to think about the career to follow ant to take new initiatives.

Valencia celebrated in February 2006 a Chairs Conference. The conclusions can be consulted here.

The last UNESCO´s Chairs Conference in Spain celebrated in November 2015 at the Universitat de València..

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