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Scrum Master

Empresa: servicios a gestores de activos e instituciones financieras,

Departament: Tecnología



High english level is required; At least 3 years full time experience as an Agile Coach/ scrum master; experience in managing scrum teams for software development; Good awareness of opportunities in technology around FinTech and RegTech and interest in direction of technology relevant to our industry; Strong Technology skills generally, intermediate/advanced skills in Microsoft products expected, test-driven development and continuous integration practices; • Some hands-on experience of MS SQL or other recognised SQL platforms for queries, views, stored procedures is valued. Knowledge of ETL concepts also useful; Must be self-motivated and be able to manage an initiative in all stages of the change cycle through to post completion analysis. Understanding of change management life cycles, solutions delivery, and software development lifecycles, in agile project methods; A commercial outlook, knowledge of investment appraisal methods (IRR, NPV, DCF) are expected.



Lead the scrum team in self-organization, using Agile methodology and scrum practices; Help the product owner and development team to achieve customer satisfaction; Ensure deliverables are up to quality standards at the end of each sprint; Remove impediments, coach the scrum team on removing impediments. Resolve conflicts and issues that occur; Support the Product Owner in creating the backlog and prioritize it, also provides education where needed; • Develop, manage, and execute comprehensive project plans to include requirements, process, data, integration, migration, testing and implementation (including training and user documentation) plans; Help the teams to improve their ways of working, to be efficient, effective and to work at a sustainable pace; • Conduct business analysis assignments with a commercial perspective, developing investment appraisals and proposals suitable for relevant management to make well-informed decisions.

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Data límit d´admissió de candidats: 06/04/2023
Data d´incorporació:: A convenir con la persona candidata
Localitat: Valencia
Província: Valencia
Àmbit geogràfic: Provincia Valencia
Horari/Període de treball: Indiferente
Tipus de contracte: Indefinido Tiempo Completo
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